PlayIt4Word Presents: Comedian Thor Ramsey/Youth Group Film Fundraiser

PlayIt4Word Presents: Comedian Thor Ramsey/Youth Group Film FundraiserChristopher Shawn Shaw, a native from the Buckeye state, has been fascinated by movies and acting since childhood. Ever since his parents purchased a VHS camcorder (Remember those?), he became more and more comfortable behind the camera. He attended Otterbein College for 4 years, a private college well-known for theatre and music, as a Bachelor of Fine Arts Theatre Performance (Acting/Directing) major. Christopher has performed on numerous Hollywood sets, and has directed documentaries, commercials, and has produced and directed numerous short films, mostly quirky comedies (but also some dramatic pieces). For the 2010 168 Hour Film Project (www.168Project.com) - a faith-based speed-filmmaking competition where teams from around the world have 7 days to shoot, edit and turn in a finished short film - he was nominated Best Director, and his team's film "Skip Listening" (www.SkipListeningShort.com) had the second-most nominations at the 2010 168 International Film Festival. "Skip Listening" was also Christopher's first collaboration with Comedian and Writer Thor Ramsey, and it was Runner-Up Best Screenplay-Comedy, Runner-Up Best Comedy, and Runner-Up for the top award - Best Film. The upcoming YOUTH GROUP Feature Film is also a collaboration with Thor Ramsey, and is Christopher's feature-length film directorial debut.

YOUTH GROUP Trailer 1 from Christopher Shaw on Vimeo.

YOUTH GROUP Trailer 2 from Christopher Shaw on Vimeo.

Christopher currently resides in beautiful Northern California in the picturesque Wine Country, and looks forward to producing and directing many more projects, including multiple genres, with redemptive themes.

YOUTH GROUP (Feature Film): 
COMEDIAN THOR RAMSEY/YOUTH GROUP Film Fundraiser                                            
D.O.T.Y. (Web Series):
SKIP LISTENING: (Check out the previews and "The Making of 'Skip Listening'" on the web site!)

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